20min workout to a great body for Programmers and Coders

20min workout to a great body for Programmers and Coders

Dedicated to Serghei Ghidora

I visited my friend who is a talented programmer with a passion for self development who turned his seemingly clear future career of electrician into a career of a coder

Passion for coding and long sitting hours did not help his spine so his back is in pain

Now, I thought to do a video and a blogpost that will help him as I believe that it doesn’t matter at what point you start looking after this, it will improve for sure. You just got to start.

So, Serghei, think of your future happy family who needs you healthy and the projects you will be able to do (considering the speed of self development you take) which will change the world, and spend those 20-30 minutes towards maintaining your “life engine”.

Here I prepared a set of exercises, easy and short for you to start from. Surely in time you can build on that but start with this one at least.

For more about food, good habits for your body and mind and all look into some of my other blogposts: great knowleadge I learned at the UPW 2017 with Tony Robbins  here, my personal daily routine considering food and exercise here and my first experiment with died I did in Moldova here.

Come back to me in one week/one month and let me know how this affected or how do you feel.



Another reason of why is this so important for your results, performance and future: exercise improve your posture, consecutively your briething which changes your biochemistry. You look and feel more confident and willing, which causes the rest of the effects: people’s persieve you as a strong and confident person, you get better offers, get treated better and more and more



See You Soon!

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