How to FIND WORK Anywhere for ANY SALARY

How to FIND WORK Anywhere for ANY SALARY


Work makes up a large part of our lives and many of us change cities, towns and even continents to find work—work that not only pays the bills but is meaningful as well. Yet it seems like an impossible dream for many people and it certainly was for me before I began my self-development journey. While looking for work, I had my fair share of struggles, failures and setbacks.

The good news is that you don’t need to learn it the hard way. You can learn from my experience and find work ANYWHERE in the world for ANY SALARY you desire. Now, let’s dive into the strategic steps you need to take to find a job anywhere for your desired salary.

Just Do It!

If you want to succeed in life, you have to take action. If we wait for the things to happen, it will take us nowhere and nothing will ever get done. In order to succeed all you need is Focus, Dedication and Determination. These are the qualities that distinguish a successful person from an unsuccessful one.

Ambition is the first step to success and the second step is Action. If you desire to be successful, you have to work hard to get there.


Before starting a new job, go out and talk to people who have worked on the same positions about their efforts and struggles in the job and how the job has affected their lives personally and professionally. You will get a clear picture of the challenges you are going to face and if you will be able to cope with them or not. It will also give you a clear picture of the skills you will need to succeed in that particular job.

Invest in Yourself through Learning

You have to develop the skills needed for your dream job. There are many ways to do so. From taking crash courses online to reading blog posts by people who have worked or are working at the position you wish to obtain.

Job Hunt

The next step is to find your desired job. You can go for a walk-in interview OR Send your CV to a bunch of companies and wait for their reply OR you can go to the company directly and talk to someone to arrange an interview with the HR Manager. You can also visit Events and workshops that are attended by the people from the said industry.

You can also start working as a freelancer online. You will be able to work without any limitations and on your own terms.  Join online communities and explore the options. You can find a variety of freelance jobs online.

Work hard to your Success

Once you get your desired job, work hard! Give your job everything you have to offer. Work hard and you are going to prosper in your field. It will be beneficial to both you and the company. Don’t forget that hard work and perseverance got you here. And the same qualities are going to help you in being successful.

Enjoy your work regardless of the challenges and shortcomings you face in the process, always see the bright side of things. Don’t let the setbacks and failures bring you down. Rather use these as an opportunity to reflect and do better. Keep polishing your skills by taking online crash courses which can benefit you greatly. There are many useful online courses available for free that will polish your knowledge and look impressive on your resume.

I talk about these strategies in detail and break down the exact process you can follow in my new book 5 STEPS to FIND WORK Anywhere for ANY SALARY. This book is a part of The Intelligent Migrant Series (TIMS). TIMS is a 4 book series that will touch your heart and encourage you to reach for what you want to achieve.

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