My Name is Vadim and I want to share with you something real, that I usually do not share

It is difficult to share your weaknesses and shortcomings but it is the exact same thing that gives us freedom and brings us closer together. Through opening up, not being afraid to be exposed, sharing our mistakes is how we learn, become better people and have great conversations .

From early age I was dreaming and envisaged being somewhere and doing something great. Hence I often felt in the wrong place in my parents home of a remote village of Republic of Moldova with my other two brothers.

However, my family did not have the financial ability to pay for a higher education, so I was scheduled for army after I finish school, exactly as my older brother. Knowing the state of our national army, I wasn’t looking forward to at all.

There was a lot of alcohol and abuse in my family home which made me live in fear of another drunken fight every day throughout the years at I lived there.

I developed heavy stuttering which made difficult to pronounce even my own name in front of the class and I wasn’t able to stand up and talk i the class. This challenged greatly my confidence at school.

At the age of 11 I started visiting judo classes in the neighbouring town where I walked 9km each time for three times a week. Success in judo led to my transfer to the school in the capital where I successfully passed the exam at the age of 12. That pushed me away form my family and home for good.

I began training professionally bringing international and european championship results.

Vadim Turcanu in moldova judo


Despite great success in judo I slept at friends and could not afford cloths for myself or even food and at age 19 i decided to migrate.

This let to a 6 months migration expedition –  walking from Moldova to London with no passport or money.

Detention centres, prisons, rough sleeping and hunger led to my arrival in England where i spend 10 years as an illegal migrant fearing form my freedom every single day and couldn’t find myself anywhere due to lack of skills and language.

Vadim Turcanu in northampton

From the moment I started self developing I began finding ways to generate income, cofounder a successful property management company, and became an award winning author.

It was about 10 years form the moment of the boy sitting in the prison cell with no future prospect, no language, barely understanding why is he on this planet. Until the 2017, standing in front of 30+ authors and successful entrepreneurs receiving Authors Award for No One’s Business book.

Vadim Turcanu author speaking Vadim Turcanu author speaking

I devoted myself to share the knowledge and help people with little hope to believe in themselves and transform their lives exactly as I did.

I am here to give you my support and show the exact path I walked on which worked for most of successful people.

No One's Business book of Vadim Turcanu
No One’s Business book

See You Soon!


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Vadim Turcanu

Award Winning Author - Entrepreneur
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