Amazing Example of Victory Speech

Amazing Example of Victory Speech

Just watched today Obama’s Victory Speech of 2012 and I thought it was the best I ever heard.


Regardless of your opinion of him, he did deliver a positive point that would give you a perspective on the opinion you hold.

He touched every corner and every ear over almost all classes and whoever wrote that speech, indeed thought thoroughly to deliver exactly the same.



In case you did not watch it yet, I would advise to do that as it gives a great example of a real performance in rhetoric.  Pay attention to all the directions the speech goes to and how it swings between all of the people’s concerns and links them all together.

It is a great “we are all as one” speech delivered by a successful man with amazing rhetoric skills.

It really made proud of him and I am happy that, regardless of whether he would have enough time and desire to deliver all he talked about, it has been said and it has been heard…. and that is one step forward.


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