Argentina Polo trip (part 1)
June 8, 2016

(This is the first series of the docublog posts that I created about the polo trip to Argentina in March 2016 with my friends)

Polo is a game for those with hot blood and cool head!

Polo is about horsemanship and excitement. It’s more than about friendship-it’s about camaraderie and, for me, it’s also about improvement. Here are a few clips about my recent trip to Argentina, where I developed as a polo player, met some wonderful people and ate a serious amount of meal!

Walter in the woman act 😉

My flight to Buenos Aires, via Madrid, took 15 hours. But the hours flew by as quickly as the Atlantic Ocean below as I was fortuitously sat on the same row as two people who I would be sharing my upcoming polo adventure with: Sergey, from FHM Polo Club and the very man who arranged my place on the trip, and his wife Yulia. Both are experienced polo players and regular visitors to Argentina, so we had plenty to talk about. Their six-month-old daughter Sophia, who had joined them for the trip, wasn’t quite as talkative, but just as lovely…

During voyage …

[wpvideo jGK3mAi1]

We were met at the airport by the amiable and witty Carlos, our host, who loaded us into his Toyota Hilux (a favourite amongst Argentinean farmers) and whisked us off to the farm on which we would be staying. As charming and funny as Carlos is, the exhaustion of the flight was overwhelming, and I napped for most of the hour-long journey. I wasn’t too worried though – there’d be plenty more scenery to see over the coming weeks!

Los Poleros, here we come 

[wpvideo RHFM5fCh] After a long journey, Carlos’s farm was the perfect place to arrive at: a South American sanctuary. The farmhouse itself is relatively small (about 200sqm) with six en-suite guest bedrooms. The main hall is tastefully furnished, with simply painted walls and a brick floor. A large fireplace dominates the middle of the room. Deer and cow skins lie atop the couches, tables and chairs and animal portraits hang on the wall. Outside, the polo ground sits at the farmhouse’s front, with a swimming pool and some land for growing vegetables set along the side. Behind the house, and most importantly, is where the horses are kept.

Arrival at the farm…

The first day was filled with champagne, cold meats and cheese; a lunch of beef steak, tomatoes and wine; a post-siesta swim in the pool; and hours of chukkas. In the evening we relaxed around a barbeque, the art of which Argentinians have perfected – from the preparation of the meat several hours earlier, to the maintenance of the fire, everything is done very precisely. While the meat was marinating and then cooking we chatted under the night sky, cold beers or whiskies in our hands, the sound of the wind rolling through trees.

Little ‘Los Paleros’ snack 

Ready for Men Day chakkas 

Round the table chill

Muscle rest

Carlos and Vadim gaucho style 

Sergey and Michael with new branded shirts gifted by their lovely wife’s on Men’s Day 😉

‘Welcome to Los Poleros’ snack and champagne 

[wpvideo tzDu9BU3]

Julja and Eujenia entertaining Sophy

Sergey and Michael

Dogs are chilling under the mangal 

House cat

Hello Mr Frog!

The dinner buzz

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