Argentina Polo trip (part 2)
June 8, 2016

(This is the second part of the docublog posts I created about a polo trip with friends to Argentina in March 2016 – check the part 1 first and there are more to come)

The following morning I got a knock on the door by 8 a.m. A light pre-breakfast for me, which  consisted of coffee and yoghurt, would be served in half an hour. I’d  been up for a couple of hours already doing some work and managed to get in a swim before the morning caffeine hit.

It was then time for a morning ride, which was beautiful. We were out for more than an hour and it was lovely seeing some of the local area, including other farms. By the time we returned, we’d earned our breakfast, which was duly enjoyed, along with a serving of sunshine. I was in Argentina for the polo, but it would be nice to return home with a tan too!

Feel the morning nature songs while at morning line …

After the meal, we completed some foot mallet practice for about an hour and then some stick and ball practice atop our horses for a little while longer.

Pre breakfast

Foot mallet practice 

Little Matte break 

Yep, still there

Pool Jump!!

It was great fun, but also a little tiring (especially in the heat) so by the moment we finished, it was time for another splash in the pool and another splash of champagne… Morning exercise and champagne can only lead to one thing: siesta!

Skilful light lunch 

Strawberries for dessert… Surely with Dolce de Lecce)

My polo featured room

This is our security team 😉

I woke to a scene of excitement. The polo and souvenir salesman had arrived and guests were busy buying shoes, gloves and Argentinean paraphernalia. I bought a foot mallet, gloves, jeans and some special tea pots.

Pool followed by lunch video )

In the afternoon we played our first set of intense chukkas.

In action 

Let the chukka begin 

I was suffering a little from sun exposure and muscle ache, which even a pre-game swim couldn’t lessen. We played a total of four chukkas, each about 12 minutes long. I managed the first two ok, but struggled a little after that. It was a relief when the final whistle blew at just after 8 p.m.

I headed straight for the pool! Our hosts clearly recognised how tough the session had been and laid out some Argentinean nibbles and poolside cold beers  for our recovery. We stayed in and around the pool (our muscles needed it!) until darkness fell and dinner was ready, which, in Argentina, is typically at around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m.

Pre dinner wine and sweet locally backed treat

You guessed it – Dolce de Lecce is there too;)


The dinner 

During the evening I chatted with Sophy, Carlos’ wife, who told me about her life, which I found fascinating. Carlos was working within the polo community when they met in London. But the intensity of life led her to assess her options. As well as running a company she was running 20 km every day. Pondering their lifestyle, she and Carlos decided to move to Argentina and live a simpler life. She loves being surrounded by nature and embraces the positive energy it gives her, but she does confess missing the intellectualism offered by big cities like London – in the local area it is polo and nothing else for her.

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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu