Be a Parent

Be a Parent

My life reason, motivation and purpose is 10 today! ????????????????????☝????

It has been a surprise, a change and the trigger for me to transform my life. I am thankful to have this precious gift I was blessed to get from life!
I wasn’t ready for it but I made myself ready. I wasn’t expecting it, but I was taken by surprise and took it with a big pride. I made myself ready, I did the best I knew at the time.

I am blessed for having Margarita in my life. I will always be thanking and loving you for being a mother to my son, carrying and gifting me this life present!

I’m the happiest father on earth!

Wish all the parents and kids wisdom to make own decisions, dare greatly, learn and fail, have fun, love, laugh and cry because this is what life is about!

Dare to be a parent, start before being ready! The universe is on the side of those who dare!

As an example of the effect of giving responsibility to our kids and how they can handle it, you can check my Consciously Blind Experiment where my 8yo son was guiding me round town while I was “blind”. It was a bonding and most revealing experience of me as a father:


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