Becoming successful in business and in life – UncageX Business Expert

Becoming successful in business and in life – UncageX Business Expert

UncageX community of striving people with powerful principles and values gather together in morning meetings. There they are working on the key skills and practices that makes the person successful person either in business or in life!

The UncageX Business Expert day is a free one day event where we are polishing those key elements of a successful person.

With guidance from Vadim and his team of experts, we will learn how to implement and build right on the spot the key tools that help a small business have a great start.

The day is built of two elements:

PP Profile

Reviewing, getting feedback and improving personal and professional profiles in order to create a synergy between all the exposure that will reflect the professionalism and character of the Persona.

  • Social profiles and strategies  (linkedin, facebook, instagram, etc)
  • Website
  • CRM and Email


How the profiles created communicate with the outside world including current and potential customers/relationships.

  • Method of responses
  • Best practices of communication and response
  • Most effective communication methods
  • Automation and delegation
  • Leverage tools
  • Networking tools
  • Email setup and practices
  • Legal approaches and partnerships
  • Finance and Bootstrapping

You will be sent an invitation to the exact day and place of this one day event

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Vadim Turcanu

Award Winning Author - Entrepreneur
Speaker - Business Consultant - Judo and Polo Sportsperson
Explorer - Philanthropist - Blockchain Advocate, Investor