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April 30, 2018

Hi  Friends!

Proud to announce the release of the next book from TIMSeries – Getting to the Yes!
(+ special Bonus 🌟)

I was searching for this type of book for many years. Couldn’t find it and decided I wrote it myself as couldn’t stand not having one available.

This will help you understand the simple principle behind building a good relationship and efficient communication. I tried to create a very simple concept and method from a very complicated topic I studied and tested for at least a decade. Something that helped me make important relationships and create my most lucrative opportunities.

I plan to go with you deep into this topic with practical exercises and direct feedback at the September UncageX Weekend because it is a key element of getting amazing results in our lives. Because having meaningful relationship is the way to successful business and personal happiness.

Thanks to those who quickly reacted to my request for feedback! Proud to have such a community here at UncageX. I decided to add your feedback to the first page of the book – Yay! Sergiu, Alexei and Natalia – much appreciated!

I would recommend to have this book as a pocket guide to help you get better while using the principles therewith.
I refer to content of this book many times during my consulting work. For that reason I am so happy I finally got it out.
So, if you ever write anything to ask for help or create an opportunity, this is a book for you to have and I’m not overestimating.

Now. It was so pleasant to have good people cooperating with their feedback and adding these points inside the book, I decided that I will continue to do it with my next coming books.

In the last few weeks working on the book to be published, I decided that I will order at least 5 of them and have as presents to my friends as I believe the skill of effective communication is for life . What is a better present than some great knowledge to be used for a lifetime ahead?!
Guess what – that gave me an idea and the following offer to you!

Here is the Bonus:

– One Free entry to an UncageX Event
– A free copy of the next TIMS book title.

When you buy 5 copies of this book, whatever you want to use it for: to have for personal use and as presents to your good friends, family, etc These bonuses are yours! And by the way, the free ticket itself gets you the money back for this purchase… Whaaat?!

Ah, and one more thing:

– I will send to you the next TIMS title during the editorial for your feedback which will be included inside the book when it gets published.

This offer will run for the next 10 days- on 12th of March. You have time to read one copy to confirm you want it for your friends and family

Just send me a picture of you with the books and your email address for the Bonus to be sent to you.

Thank you and I’m really excited about sharing this with you.

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Love and Big Hug! 🔥


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