My Christmas Present to You: End of...
December 24, 2017

With busy schedule, duties, work and family, stress and responsibilities in the current environment we are too busy to sit back and asses where we are, what is the progress we have done and/or set the next year for a good start

I prepared a questioner that will prompt you to the important parts of your Going Year so you can have a better perspective which will help you make better decisions and/or really realise what you have done in the Passing Year. Also a set of questions that will help you set up and motivate you towards the Coming Year.

You can access the form by pressing the Access button below. After answering to all questions, you will receive an email with all questions and answers for you to save and look into as the year go. You will be able to fill in the same form next year and have a comparison.


ACCESS Button Vadim Turcanu blog


With Love and Respect

Vadim Turcanu

See You Soon!

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