Feedback from the first Creative Meditation Class
August 28, 2017

At the Creative Meditation Class we work on getting rid of mental barriers, becoming more of what we are, enhancing our creativity and getting rid of self judgment through drawing, movement, communication and more. The below is the firs class that we worked through drawing.

Anastasia Chihai asked me to assist at one of her drawing classes and lead the process.

Her initial idea was to get together and meet some cool people. People who value creativity and meditation – hence, after discussion about the meditative quality of a drawing or painting, we came up with the name Creative Meditation. Because regardless of your drawing capabilities, when you are in the process of drawing, you go into a state of meditation and expressionism. Especially if you don’t care about how your drawing will look.

There were only few of us at the first meeting but this transformed into something special, something transformational for each one of us.

Just after the introduction and two creativity triggering exercises the process of drawing gradually shaped into a trance as for me while guiding, as for the attendees.

I could see as we finished the session and feedbacks , we all went went into dance movement to the bit of the music. Uncontrolled and free dance where your body just dances by itself reacting to the vibrations of the tune.

I felt the vibe of expressionism in the air and I seen how everyone is going through the same feeling.

The session triggered some of the most important aspects of self development and success: no expectations, flexibility in action, responsiveness to the outside world, free of judging, free of being judged, body and mind expressiveness.


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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu