Discussion with the Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, International Motivational and Business Speaker, Venture Capitalist and Investor – Sergey Kazachenko

Discussion with the Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, International Motivational and Business Speaker, Venture Capitalist and Investor – Sergey Kazachenko

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From being alone in a foreign country at age 15 with only 5 USD in his pocket, to achieving senior partner at a global investment bank at a very young age; now a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and international speaker – Sergey Kazachenko is a man of contrasts and depth of character that makes him unforgettable.

From the onset he comes across as knowing exactly what he wants in life and where he is going. His quiet demeanour may be misleading but underneath that calm exterior, lies an individual who has faced much adversity overcoming what some would say are insurmountable odds to come out on top and be recognised as an authority in his industry at a very young age.

Born in Russia during the Fall of the Soviet Union, one can no doubt understand that life was never easy. His family ties are central to the person he has become today as his father stands firmly as Sergey’s role model and what can be achieved in life. Notwithstanding the challenges being faced by Russia as a whole during the 90’s – his Father was voted as Teacher of the Year despite growing without parents. Sergey worked towards meeting a very high standard and his personal philosophy of overcoming all obstacles and doing whatever it takes – shines through to this day.

Sergey is a born entrepreneur – earning his own money as early as 12 years of age and when an opportunity presented itself for him to go to Sweden when he was 15, on an exchange program alone – he grabbed it with both hands and moved with only as little as 5 USD in his pocket. He lived in a small village for 3 years as an outsider, working fulltime and completing both Russian and Swedish High School in 2 years – against all odds. Sergey started his 1st company at 18 – consulting to small and medium Swedish businesses and organisations who wanted business / work in Russia. The income from this allowed him to fund studying in the USA at a high ranked University for a half a year.

Sergey’s meteoritic rise in this highly specialised and competitive industry, shows his brilliance and dedication to being unstoppable. From being featured in the newspaper for his business ingenuity that led to him doing a summer internship for the investment banking section of Swedbank – one of the largest banks in Sweden and then being offered a fulltime position thereafter – to, cutting short a management development process from 3 years to only a year and then after changing employers, to becoming a partner at aged 27 after only spending a year in their employ – proves his excellence and drive to achieve whatever he sets his mind to. Sergey always wanted to achieve what his parents had never managed financially and this always powered his vision. He was now 29 years old and had achieved what he had set out to do and now needed a new challenge.

Taking unpaid leave and with the total support of his wife and family, planned what he wanted for the future. Out of this was born the businesses you see today – An International Investment platform which features real estate investments in Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom and other locations; A Business Efficiencies Company and the Venture Capital Company, investing mainly with companies and assisting small and midsized businesses to grow and maximise their value. Never doing anything in small measure, within this group of companies there are 10 others under the main umbrella. Sergey’s vision is to grow these companies higher and to become the main players in their market segment.

Even though he is an entrepreneur and businessman of note – personally Sergey operates from a place of humbleness and empathy for others, but never losing sight of the end goal. It’s always about what’s in the best interest of both parties. This is what makes Sergey the admirable, socially conscious entrepreneur and investor he is today – his brilliance at finance, his innovative concepts and do whatever it takes philosophy, puts him way ahead of his peers and others in this highly competitive industry.