Does Racism Exist?

Does Racism Exist?

The Chelsea fun that made a big fuss in the media over racist claims.

Can anyone explain what was that about and how would that make him a racist……

From my point of view, he was not more guilty as a guy that would spit on the floor or walk with a stupid mask on.

This whole racism think is a mess and more of a social tool then a real problem and the people that seen that as a racist sign just another time accepted it as a racist sign and it is more like a childish game.

Also it really makes people hostile to each other rather then unifies, only by accepting these claims or appearances.

I think they should just leave that guy alone and have a lough all together over this as we all people are friendly to each other in the first place rather then hostile.

I see people and more different race people now attracted to each other then ever before: making either friends of new families and that is a reality I see

What is it you see?