Five steps to find work anywhere for any salary you want

Five steps to find work anywhere for any salary you want

How to find work broad, in a new country you have moved in, your home town? It seams a dilemma for a lot of people and it certainly was for me before I immersed into self development journey.

I was searching for someone will pay for my time spent at the given position they would give me. I was ready to do any job they could give me just so I can start work and earn money.

Things quickly changed and I can take any position I want for the salary I want from the moment I understood one simple but valuable thing. From that moment my choice was not to get the job I want but to do my own business but that was my choice.

So how do you find work anywhere for any salary? How you can work from home or from the office, or work while having kids and seemingly no time? How you can provide an income for yourself and enjoy it

The key is to change your how you think about work and what work represents in your view: you get paid for the value you provide by doing what you do while “at work” – and if you think that is clear but you still don’t have a job, let this thought sink in deep. What does your actions actually generate in financial value – when you understand the economics of it. I mean how much net profit the business makes with your help comparing to what you get paid (net profit means profit after all the expenses and taxes). You will know exactly the value and how to increase it if it’s possible. And if you think you understand that very clear and it is not possible to increase it, find other position.

What are the five steps to find work anywhere for any salary you want?

Before we dive into the the steps I want you to think about a person you consider successful, who earns a lot of money, or just the amount you would want to earn. A person that you think you could be like. A person who you view as leading an amazing life and has everything you would like to have.

Will you believe me if I will tell you that if you followed the exact steps he followed, study what he studied/studies, invested time and money he invested into it, you will could be leaving similar or better life too? Now, I know what you thinking – you don’t have that money, or you don’t have the same time or you don’t have the right age, or all the above. Although I can tell you that there is possibly a way to still achieve the same result from where you are if you structure a firm plan and follow it, I made the example to tell you that there are vast amount of people who achieved unbelievable transformations and achievements with only focus and dedication. And that is what I want to point out.

Lets go into the tactical five steps you can take to find a job anywhere for any desired salary

Step 1 Desire:

You got to know what you want. What is it that you want to do. For now, forget about what your capabilities and circumstances are and concentrate purely on your desire, your best case scenario. Learn what that job implies, how many hours and how your life style will be affected by doing that job. Research what people in that position are saying: what are they most happy about and what are they not happy about. Will you be able or will you be happy with those hours, or with that lifestyle. What is their actual daily activity, will you be morally or physically happy to maintain the rhythm or follow the necessary activities? What are the skills the position or activity requires – most of the positions nowadays do not require intrinsic studies so focus on human qualities the activity requires more than the knowledge requirements (unless it is a heart surgeon of course)

Now if you got that part and it is a skill that you need to accumulate more knowledge for, it is fine. You might need some time for that and need something else meanwhile and that is perfect. By the time you will finish reading you will know how to find a short term position as a stepping stone in transition towards your desired dream position/outcome.

Step 2 Skills:

Now since you thought over the Step 1 you will know what are the skills required. Now it is time to schedule timeout of your day, make time – at least one hour per day (the more the better) and accumulate those skills, practice them. If you have time, you can think of a intern position where you could work for free in a similar company – here you can actually take a different position in the same type of firm where you could witness your dream job done in action although you do something else. There are plenty of resources online nowadays to get any skills, look in my how to learn and study for free blogposts perhaps to find some. Even if you do some shitty job meanwhile, think of it only as a temporary stepping stone.

If the skills of the position you are looking to take are easier to accumulate or you already have them, than before you go to step 3, look more into the values and aims of those companies and try to understand them. Look into the issues and opportunities of those companies or those positions. What are the struggles. What are the solutions. What are the most competitive companies or people in that area and what makes them successful. What do they do to achieve that. When you will understand that, you will be ready for the next step. If it is not very clear yet, you need to look again.

Here language plays a part so you probably need to start working on improving your language skills. See my post on how to learn a language faster

Step 3. Prospect

Now it is time to go and get it. Here we have three options depending on the type of the positions you decided to take:

  1. Online: Freelance – there are many opportunities out there where you can sign up, ad your skill and start working online. Start practicing and building your profile. This can serve as a stepping stone for you to do online work using skills you have to so it can keep your bills paid while you work as an intern on your dream position.
  2. Offline:

a) Forget about the CV, I never looked at the CV as a decision making factor in anyone I hired and very few employers do – only perhaps as the last result when the people are of a similar personality.

b) Forget about sending that CV to a bunch of companies and wait for the result.

c) Your CV might be complete rubbish or it might be great. Either way you need to go and speak to those companies. Speak about what you learned. Speak about what value you could provide and how that value will benefit that company. Offer a trial period whereas you can work for them and provide value so they can start paying you only if you reach a certain mutually agreed target (try to have that as a confirmation in writing as an email or of a sort where one party agrees to the offer of another).

d) visit the heck out of them. be there every day. Learn and answer to the questions you couldn’t answer prior. Ask more, try to search in a different geographical area. Try the rival company. Give more examples. Visit trade shows or events where these people hanging about, learn their jargon, speak to those who do this work already, ask them how to find this job or how to learn it, or offer to help them in their task for free in exchange for learning or a future position. Contact these people on social media, offline in bars where they hang out. Dress like them, talk like them.

If you think this is a bit too much and it is difficult then you perhaps need a bigger dream that is worth some effort. Or perhaps you need to think about the next 10-30 years being stuck in the same place where you are at instead of the 1, 2, 3, or even 12 month of intensive search towards a dream life.

Step 4. Value:

Now as you are offered the position or junior position or an internship, or perhaps you are working as a cleaner in the company you want to work as a director in, it is a great achievement. Now it is time to push even harder and provide as much value as you can so they could not leave without you, so they can be as comfortable with you there so they cannot let you go. As hard so they are freaking loving you for being there even you are not perfect.

At this point, still continue learning, study the language, read the manuals, learn about successful people from that industry. Read, listen and watch everything there is on the topic – check my course in how to lean fast.

Make notes of words you didn’t understand, questions you couldn’t answer and new things you heard about. Make notes of the skills and habits of the successful people you observed – what makes them good. Go home and study those whenever possible as soon as possible. Learn the additional skills that you think will help you be better.

How to stay motivated throughout the hard times? Make sure you make it clear for yourself WHY you are doing what you are set to do. This should be very strong and have an emotionally charged. For example: to provide for my kids, my family, make money, etc is will not stand the harder times. There should be at at 10 to 20 reasons – write them down. These reasons must wake your emotions up and lift you high. There must be at least 10 as one might be not as important to you one day and the others will still keep you going. So what would be those whys? It should be something like: I want ot make $100mil in the next 20 years; I will build schools around the world; I will build hospitals round the world; I will finance hospitals; I will change lives of hundreds of people in need. This will keep you going and will help you in times of desperation and uncertainty.

Throw away your TV, and time wasting habits like drinking in a bar, smoking, hanging out with friends, etc – it is time to make it and change your life for good.

The is how you get there. With this type of attitude, you will be one of the best people out there in no time

Step 5. Fun

Have fun. There is nothing worse than a miserable person. No one wants a miserable. moaning and negative person round him. Don’t be that person. Perhaps life is shit and so be it, it is only temporary. Be positive, joke, smile, help people for nothing in return. You will be likeable and people will want to be round you, you will get offers you need thought you will have. Now you are surrounded with people that can get you where you want to be. Never complain, never speak ill of other person in behind his back, never talk waste. Always compliment, always smile, always help, always speak good and find good things to talk about other people.

And finally, perhaps you already possess a great skill which you want to use.

The internet has given us an amazing opportunity to be global and you need to start benefiting from it if you did not already.  There are many online opportunities, workshops, meetings, networking events, events, trade shows, online opportunity, teaching that skill. You can check my course on networking which will help you get better at finding events and networking.

Comment on the post if you want to find out how you could start teaching online or for more resources on how to start working online as a freelancer. Or any other questions relating to this post that you would like to find out more about.


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