How to study for Free & how to find Free online education

How to study for Free & how to find Free online education

Free Online Education

Nowadays it is almost a crime not to be smart or uneducated while having a smartphone or computer. With a vast array of choice of free online books, free youtube videos, blogs, podcasts and audio material and even fully certified free online colleges and universities. It was never before so available to anyone and possibilities to succeed were never before as achievable as now.

You used to study for years to get on TV in front of thousands of people, now with a YouTube video you can reach millions. You had to study, be smart and successful for years to appear on radio to be listened by thousands, now you can get you own podcast and be heard by millions. You had to be a prolific writer and go from publisher to publisher to publish a book you wrote, now you can write and publish a book at almost no expense. To produce and launch a movie or play/sing on a stage you had to be an experienced successful producer or musician, you can now self produce and upload your work for millions.

There is no excuse now but laziness, lost in choice and lack of persistence what holds many back.

Here are a number of free websites, apps and colleges giving free education, including classes and lectures form the most prominent universities on the planet. Just for you to learn


Khan Academy


Stanford Online

Harvard Extension 

Open Yale Courses

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative



Academic Earth

Open Culture Online Clurses



UC Berkeley Class Central 

MIT OpenCourseWare

University Of London Podcasts

University Of Oxford Podcasts

BBC Podcasts




National Geographic Kids

Fun Brain


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