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May 3, 2016

If you got a long list of things to do, running a couple of companies or have a lot to keep track of, below is one way that I learned and it helps me win my organisation.

Although I am quite well organised, I found that some of the current ways are not really working for me (at least in long term) and I struggled to find a comfortable way.

Until I listened Peter Attia in Tim Ferriss podcast of how he organised his tasks. As he is highly productive person all round and a famous for his work, I tried his way of organising and it works greatly for me:

The writing on paper has a magical impact so and this method does just that. It releases stress and pressure as you know what you have done or have to do on the day. As most of the time people feel stressed by feeling of nothing to do or of not accomplishing anything on the day.

So you use four coloured (blue, pink, white and yellow) 2′ by 3′ cards and organise them in following order-

– Blue, keep always on the top and list the task that got to be accomplished by the end of the day today (work).

– Pink, is just under the blue one and it holds things that you need to accomplish by the Friday of the running week (work). Fill it out every Saturday morning.

– White, is about personal things to be accomplished this month (ie.switch car insurance; pay the bills, etc)

– Yellow, is for long term work related goals to be accomplished

Have little boxes in line with the task and eithe X as completed or put an H for those that you started or takes a couple of stages to complete. Or nothing if nothing been done

I couldn’t find same colour and same size cards to buy, so bought coloured A4 papers and cut them in four as per the below picture. I marked down in the right corner the letters D for day, W for week and so on (M & Y).

Do let me know if this method works for you or if you have any other ones that work best

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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu