Here is How You Do It
November 14, 2012
Here are a number of good short thoughts that I wrote over some time that helped me through my professional and personal development:
1. For good sleep- don’t eat for 3 hours before+read some pleasure stuff (fiction, romance)
2. If the problem is unsolvable it is no point to worry about it. And if it is solvable-the worry will not help. Don’t worry
3. First they ignore you, then they lough at you, then they fight you then you win- Ghandi
4 six money handling rules:
-avoid making important money decisions when you are emotional
-avoid making important money decision when under tension of fatigue
-be willing to sleep on it
-have a well informed and fully structured plan
-stick to your plan
-worry about the right things
5 four important questions
-what do you want to keep or enhance
-what do you want to let go
-what do you want to avoid
-what do you want to change
6 forgiveness is one of the most important thing we need to do to move on
7 there will be two dates on your tombstone, and all you friends will read ’em but all that’s gonna mater is that little dash in between ’em” – Kevin Welch
8 any label you assign yourself will keep you stack…. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
… Move out your comfort zone ones and for all
believe it Can Be Done
Have Foals
Prepare Well
Help Each Other
Have Fun, Work Hard and Money Will Come
Don’t Waste Time – Grab Your Chances
Have a Positive Outlook On Life
When it’s Not Fun, Move On
Calculate the Risks and Take Them
Believe in Yourself
Chase Your Dreams and Goals
Have No Regrets
Be Bold
Keep Your Word
Aim high
Try New Things
Always Try
Challenge Yourself
Rely on Yourself
Chase Your Dreams but Live in the Real World
Work Together
Love Life and Live It To The Full
Enjoy the Moment
Reflect on your Life
Make Every Second Count
Don’t Have Regrets
Put the family and the Team First
Be Loyal
Face Problems Head On
Money is for Making Things Happen
Pick the Right People and Reward Talent
Be Polite and Respectful
Do the Right Thing
Keep Your Good Name
Be Fair in All Your Dealings
10 think like a man of action and act like a man of thought
11 How it Goes:
           6 life
           5 three- to-five year vision
           4 one-to-two year goals
           3 areas of responsibility
           2 current projects
           1 current action
12 you’ve got to think of the big things while doing the small things, so the small things go in the right direction
13 when you find yourself in a whole, stop digging
14 I always wanted to be somebody. I should have been more specific
15 a good thing to find out what something might be is to uncover all the things it’s probably not
16 we all have times when we think more effectively, and times when we should not be thinking at all
17 the best place to succeed is where you are with what you have
18 be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind
19 if you want to help the poor- make sure you are not one of them
20 There’s “hell” in hello, “good” in goodbye, “lie” in believe, “over” in lover, “end” in friend, “ex” in “next”, & “if” in life…

The highest form of ignorance, is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.❞ -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Knowing what to do when to need it (getting the write information) is more important then to learn an use later (can be forgotten)
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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu