How to Hire and Approach Freelancers. Leverage your Time, Work and Money

How to Hire and Approach Freelancers. Leverage your Time, Work and Money

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I often use freelancers and virtual assistants to delegate some of the administrative or automated, non/low skilled work like: adding media to blogposts, excel data entry, finding information online, some design work, audio editing, website maintenance, website design, SEO, etc.

I learned the hard way and took some lessons that now work well for me.

  1. Be very clear about what you want, when and for how much you want to do a particular task
  2. Explain as concise as possible the tasks as you would do to a 6 year old. I often use screen recording software to create video tutorials and show step by step how the task is done. See my post for more details about that.

It is important ot be as clear as possible about what you want about your task when you hire a freelancer. You want ot avoid messaging back and forth which will in return waste you more time and perhaps not get your task done properly. As a result you will end up frustrated and do it yourself.

Step 1.

Find good platform. Although there are an abundance of options when it comes to platforms, there are just a short number I use because of their consistency and well done procedures:

99designs – all types of design.

Designcrowd– all types of design.

Upwork – freelancers for all types of work (design, writing, data entry, SEO, website maintenance, admin, etc).

Fiverr – freelancers for all types of work (design, writing, data entry, SEO, website maintenance, admin, etc).

iwriter – all kind of writers freelancers.

How ot message

It is easier to communicate with the highly skilled personal but even there it is important to be very clear.

Step 2

Try choosing the one with most positive reviews and/or with the design example and expertise that suite you by searching for your task name (upwork and fiverr).

Step 3

Create a clear message and send it to all prospective freelancers in order to fish for a convenient quote.

Step 4

Wait for the answer and discuss if there is any questions. Make sure you are clear and happy about the speed of the delivery, expertise and the price before hiring.

Step 5

If unsatisfied with the result, action the revision and discuss the requirements and make sure again it is all understood. Try to communicate your needs and if not satisfied still, request a refund instead of putting a negative review as the person might do all the other duties amazingly but just not well with yours (especially if the communication is good) and this is perhaps their only way of earning (it is their business)


Things to consider:

The Skills Needed fro the job:

QSP (Quality, Speed, Price) here it is good to look into the:


Level of skills required for task. Choose appropriate platform and experties of freelancer.

Your Budget.

Here you need to consider your hour pricer – if you earn/worth $40 per hour than there is no brainer to delegate a simple work task that will take you few hours to do to someone who you will pay $8 per hour to.


How soon you want it to be done – see the formulas below

Quality, Speed, Price Formula:

Good + Fast = Not Cheap

Fast + Cheap = Not Good 

Good + Cheap = Not Fast

Good + Fast + Cheap = Not Possible

Making a decision with the help of the formula:

Good + Cheap = Low Priority Work

Fast + Cheap = Low Quality Work

Fast + Good = Pay for Quality

So going back to your approach and messaging …

What should your message consist of:

Before I get into the details fo the task, I want to make sure the person is qualified and able to do the work so I am not describing or sending all my information online.

So I make sure I structure my first message as follows:

  • Describe the task I want to get done.
  • Ask about the experience in doing this particular work.
  • Ask for how long it will need him to do the task.
  • Explain the urgency of the task or the timeframe I expect it to be done by (when I want it by as others can take time to do the task if non urgent).
  • Ask how much it will cost me to complete.
  • Ask when he can start (as if he tells you he can do it in one day but if you don’t ask he can start next week although he still will only take one day – it happened to me).
  • Send any attachment examples or links that relate to the task.
  • Ask if there is any further information he will require from me in order to achieve the task.

The second email I will go into the task particulars and send him all the supportive documents inducing video tutorials.

Below are two examples of some of my messages that I used which also include the above points:


Hi I am looking to fix issues with my site  – please see audit attached. Issues I have:

  • slow loading for some reason.
  • the site is blocked to be used anywhere within Facebook for some reason (try adding it in a post or in a messenger and you will see for yourself).
  • fixing some issues with the theme of the site.

Question for you:

  1. Will you be able to fix the error as per audit and the slow loading?
  2. Will you be able to fix the problem with Facebook?
  3. Will you be able to sort out with the SEO as per audit?
  4. Will you be able to help with a new theme for the blog?

For each answer please add: a. how long it will take? b. how much it will cost? c. when can you start? d. what information you will need from me? Looking forward to hearing from you. Vadim



I am looking to create an engaging presentation for my content – about 1200 words. Only have a couple of pictures but looking for designer to elaborate on picture by self.

I have written it more extensively so it is clear what it is about but key words would be required on the presentation not to bore the audience.

Need a Power Point format that could be editable as I have similar text in a different language so I would need to be able to just replace the words.

Perhaps let me know if any more pictures would be required from me.

I am looking for something really cool, engaging and inspiring so unless you are inspired to make an effort, better not start.

-Please provide your previous work.

-Let me know when you can start.

-What information you would require form me.

-How long it will take to finish it.

-How much it will cost.

Attached is a document with all the content.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Hope this was useful for you and will help you get better at delegating and using freelancers in your professional life

If you have any specific questions in relation to this, please write them in comment below or contact me

Have Fun!

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