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May 21, 2016

Today I was listening to Seth Godin’s Startup School podcast, which is an excellent and free online source of knowledge for any young entrepreneur or businessperson looking to improve the way they work.

Seth Godin is always insightful and I always come away from his podcasts with a better understanding of whatever he has spoken about, but today something he said about the internet and collaborative purchasing really stuck with me:

“You don’t have to find customers for your products, what you need is to find products for your customers”

Part of what Seth is saying relates to how businesses operate – the businesses that achieve success are those that make use of their ability to share and communicate with their customers or potential customers.

If you have a great mobile phone app but people do not have any way of sharing it, then that app is not going to do nearly as well as it could when driven by great communication. Talking and sharing with your customers, and letting them enjoy and use the products and services you are proud of, is the best way to gain followers and build your list of clients.

A great analogy would be the party. You prepare for it, you put together an amazing selection of food, you decorate and clean to create an environment that people will enjoy.

But you didn’t send invitations. No one will come to the party and all of that preparation has been wasted. The same principle is true in business. If you build a product then don’t put effort into marketing it – if there’s no sharing, then no one will benefit.

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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu