The most effective method to learn anything

The most effective method to learn anything

Learning anything, is pretty much similar to learning a new language: you get results fast by immersing. You immersed between new people in a culture you know little or nothing about. You do not understand anything at first. But than you start recognising a word here, a word there, a sentence, a fragment and eventually you start putting pieces together and understand the language. It is exactly similar in any other areas, should it be a new business, new skill or new type of sports you decided to learn.

When it comes to new language, it is best to see the description of the word instead of the translation in your language. In this case you will start using and understanding this word quicker and easier. Reading material (newspapers, books, comics) and watch TV with subtitles are also tools to speed your language learning process. Surely the practicing is the best way so to get out there and speak with people works the best.

Tim Ferriss is a great advocate when it comes to learning a new language he speaks about the

I learn new words by googling the word (or the phonetic sound of what I heard) following my “meaning” and seeing the description of its meaning.
I than screenshot it and send it to my ‘New Words’ note file for a later revision.
I aim to review them every one or two weeks, although might understand that a daily revision would make a better use.

Ideally I’d write three sentences with different context with each one of the words – this will help it come to your mind easier when taking. The method shared by Serghei Ghidora a talented programmer and friend of mine.

As soon as I hear or see a word I don’t understand, I either ask the person who told it, pause the audio or video I’m following or book I’m reading so I can clarify the word.
If I’m not sure about spelling, I’d just write in the search engine the phonetic of it and it almost every time finds the right word- how I know that? Well my reading the meaning and understanding that this would be the word used in that context.

If it is a foreign language, try to avoid looking at translation – only look at the definition and try to understand the word, as this will help with using it in your vocabulary. Here are some screenshots:







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