How to take a picture with a celebrity

How to take a picture with a celebrity

The short story of how I got a great picture with the legend of Polo Adolfo Cambiaso, which works in most other circumstances where you want to have a picture with a star.

I love polo
It plays on all my needs of speed, adrenaline, team play, strategy and horses.

While attending the Cartier Queen’s Cup Finals this year (2017) with our La Fortuna Team and friends as per the tradition we witnessed an amazing game where the best teams RH Polo vs La Indiana fought for the Cup.

Adolfo Cambiaso graciously kicked the ball into the goal in the final under a minute time, to mark the decisive winning score for his team.

The following minutes you could see the crowds rushing down the tribunes towards the marked territory for the ceremonial inauguration of the Winning team, so they could take a good space to witness it.

I headed into the opposite direction, towards the back of the pitch where the author of the victory goal jumped off his horse to hug the approaching friends and relatives. That’s where I headed.

I approached him, waited for him to finish his giving the relatives and congratulated with a great handshake and a hug. “Can we have a picture Adolfo?!”, “Sure”…

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