"I gave up happiness long time ago...
May 7, 2016

Great thought when listening to Rob Moore podcast quoting John DeMartini…
It is quite right that be being happy 100%, all the time you serve no purpose to humanity. 

Because if you are happy all the time you will not grow, you will not work, you will not contribute because you are just happy…

As a lot of people believe the purpose of life is happiness- the purpose of life is growth. 

There is no growth in happiness as there is growth in failure, in feedback, in challenge.
There will always be haters and critics but that is a small percentage of funs and lovers. Everything happen in a balance. 
Wishing away all the problems and when they are gone, the other wines will not exist and they will have this naive fantasy that everything will be great and you can lay on the beach all day.
Tim Ferris quoted on this: If everyone is your fun or client – you have no funs or clients (criticism is good)

Be less proud, more hungry, embrace and thank criticism and feedback 

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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu