Lesson on courage from history

Lesson on courage from history

Love this story that I initially read about in a blog, would not remember which one but I thought to share it with you and perhaps you have an opportunity to get inspired too.

It has two sides, two rivals who at the same share similar characteristics of hard work, commitment and belief in change, achievement and success. As life goes, both manage to enjoy the taste of similar achievement, that is why these appear in one story, but both at different points in life time.

The first part of the story tells about the golden 5. The histories most undefeated hockey team from USSR which kept the winning place untouched by any other for over 15 years.

The documentary on the link below shows the price the constant undefeated champions paid for their place on the throne. The hard work, detachment form the family.
I found interesting the unconventional training methods they were going through that helped them to be unpredictable in their game which played a big role in their success.
They simulated chess game at their classes with the chess world champion (also representing USSR). At the same time they trained ballet and dance that helped them move smoothly and stealthily. Their game was very unusual for the then hockey and they was very hard to attack or defend against,
Which tells me a lesson that if you want better results than everyone else you need to do better work than everyone else:


The other story teaches the same story and it is not here accidentally because it involves the golden five which we just spoke about above.
The movie “Miracle” 2004 starring Curt Russel tells about the a coach with a wild idea – to take on the golden team and win it only 8 months before the Winter Olympics.
His idea was so crazy and stupid that he had to fight not only with himself but with the whole USA olympic committee to push it through to be accepted.
As he managed to get it accepted, he had to deliver and that is when the work got even harder.
This story of belief in one idea, which sound crazy and fighting against all other people who dont believe in the idea and in him including himself.
He managed to win the golden 5 with a bunch of college kids with only 8 months to prepare.
Talking about the willing different results, work differently.

Below is an article form NewYorker about the story: