Massive contribution from the Young People 

Massive contribution from the Young People 

Today we worked on a video project to raise awarness for needed funds for a kid who is battling cancer. 

A bunch of great young people have devoted their time to participate which makes me proud and happy for the coming generation. 

Back story: After my ConsciouslyBlind experiment has hit the internet and raised some raised funds for the chosen cause, it also raised interest from the viewers, I have been contacted by an organisation to share on my social profile information about a boy who is in need of financial help for his cancer treatment. The organisation helps those who are not able to pay for the expensive surgery. 

I decided to do something mor interactive and perhaps more effective where I have been helped by the good young people, friends of my son and their parents… 

We urge those with a big heart and willing to participate to pledge on the following link as every little helps (video is still to be released):