MIGRANT Achievers Community

MIGRANT Achievers Community

The MIGRANT Achievers Community (MIGRANT AC)

It is proven since the mankind that money and possession have no correlation with happiness. What is directly correlating is meaningful relationships. This is in big part of what MIGRANT AC is about. Regardless of our current level and goal, we are striving to support and keep each other accountable to set and follow the goal to become the best of oneself.

We are a tribe of like minded people who are willing to make a difference in business, personal life and the world.
Getting together to elevate, support and encourage each other to become the best we can instead of better than someone else: in health, finance, relationships, personal experiences and with the environment.
Keeping tight accountability with each other as we move forward fast and strong while having lots of fun in the process.

Do you ever feel stagnated? Or lost with no direction in what to do next? Or just feeling OK, like life just flows monotonously? These often lead to abuse of stimulants, from coffee to smoking, alcohol, drugs and dangerous experiences

I am a professional Judoka. Well, at least I am sure I was.

Few years after competing successfully at the European Judo Championship, I ended my career due to not finding the satisfaction I was looking for. So, I went to find my dream somewhere else – it took months of hardship, migration, prisons and various low-key jobs before I stumbled upon the solution which I describe in my “No One’s Business Book”.

After years of self-exploration and education, launching multimillion property management businesses in London, product development business and publishing companies, I looked into what drives me. I was paying attention to what motivates me to jump the steps and challenge myself.

As I am not ok with being average and lacking accomplishments…

In “real world” I found things very confusing. No one told me what the options are and what I am capable of – although a quick look around told me I am not capable of much at all. There was no guidance on how I would achieve anything I put my mind to. And most depressing, no one (apart from the people closest) cares if I do achieve anything at all.

And you know, I find the same issue with many athletes leaving the sports arena.

Sport years were filled with mental and physical stimulations, tournament goals, guiding coaches and a clear program, we knew where we were going and what is going to happen. We just had to put in the effort.

And we did. We mastered that game to details: how to manage weight, how to boost one muscle group or another, how to prepare for a specific opponent in order to increase chances of winning, when to rest and when to push harder.

We could predict the result of the tournament judging by the level of ours and the opponent’s preparation.

The biggest loss I have is the feeling of being in a team of fellow athletes, those tournament vibes of unity for one purpose.

The good news is that we can catch up. We have the discipline, desire and force to push on better than many out there. The only thing missing is guidance, support and that accountability we got used to from our coaches and fellow team mates.

This is the exact reason why MIGRANT AC exists!

MIGRANT AC is a tribe of awesome people who are changing the world by constantly improving themselves.

If you are ok with answering the “How are you” question with “OK”, then you are definitely not a part of this tribe.

But if: that answer pains your heart every time; maybe you cannot find your next thing; or you have a great vision and all possibilities for it but you find yourself doing the urgent things; perhaps you have seen it all and think there is no way up; Perhaps you just need that great company like you used to in your sports years that truly cared about you and raved at your success.

You found it now!


Our mission is to make a difference and an impact in the world by making ourselves better. We value true friendship where people honestly care about each other, their family, partner and relationships.

People are too busy nowadays and forgot that we cannot be great alone.

Our mission is to impact as many lives as possible through our success, and contribution.

We gather in small groups so we can be more impactful and in close contact with each other.  At the same time, we are taking off from a large community of people with similar values and mission.

Trusting in our abilities, setting high goals and striving to reach them while keeping each other closely accountable.

The Six Legs we stand upon are Fantastic Health, Profound Relationships, Amounting Income, Thrilling Experiences, Strategic Accountability and Giving Back

These are the factors we are striving to grow and expand.

To questions about enrolment, please send you interest by pressing the blue button “Send me Your question” above on slide bar with a the word “MIGRANT”.

Be Welcome!