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Each one of us has a choice: to focus our energy on obstacles or opportunities. We can blame the world for its wrong or we can take responsibility and improve the future by ourselves.


That is why our community shares one simple, unifying mission: to spread the unlimited power of personal capabilities through learning.

Learning and becoming a better self empowers us to see the light where previously was dark. It also makes life a great deal of fun.

Personal growth enables us to see our superpowers which are accessible to us at any point in time - we seen it many times with every one of our guest and we are witnessing it in every member of our community

Vadim Turcanu and Consciously Blind
Vadim Turcanu having Fun at UPW
Vadim Turcanu and a kid

Our Mission

To motivate and inspire towards e better self and personal transformation every person we interact with. By improving thought processes and trust in own abilities, transformation and improvement cascades down to all areas of life: health, relationships, finances and overall competitiveness.

Vadim Turcanu at Bafta

Vadim Turcanu at the awards

Vadim Turcanu Surfing

Vadim Turcanu at polo Mad Aid

Our Core Values

Honesty (not necessarily polite),










Vadim Turcanu and Joanne Morrision

Vadim Turcanu at polo

Vadim Turcanu Networking

Vadim Turcanu on snow Mountain