Some of the best wines from Moldova

Some of the best wines from Moldova

Moldova is known to be a home of some of the best wines in the world and when you taste these wines you will agree with what is written here. Although there are more wines that are worthy of  this list, I will keep adding with your requests
Here I share some of the wine from Moldova that is worth checking out. I guarantee you will love them!

The following kindly tested and recommended by my dear friend Catalina Andruscenco

Pictures taken form the winestatistics website.

Rara Neagra









Freedom Blend









Rose 2014 year









Vinohora with and red









Ice Wine









This is a sweet desert wine

Asconi “Merlot”









When we are talking about the Cognac or Brandy

Calaras anything above 7 years will match the most expensive brandy out there








My love of ‘fruits’ of moldova don’t stop here