My Routine – ways to stay healthy and growing

My Routine – ways to stay healthy and growing

Healthy Relationships, Good Health and Learning are the three attributes to get be a success machine. What we do everyday are more important then what we do sometimes. For ex. instead of the 1h training sometimes, I choose 30min training every morning and if I cannot do it I do at least something (like walking the stairs, walk from A to B or some stretching).

Below I share my routines that I am trying to fit in every day, although some days I would not fit all or even the majority, I try to fit in most of it at least three times per week. Ok so here we are:


When I am in London and I should not be somewhere early in the morning, I wake up at 6:40am to get in time for my 30min sports club class.

Just before setting off from the house I have 250ml of water

The class consists of 6 or 12 exercises of 20sec-60sec each (increasing with each round) and ends with a 4min stretching routine.  This allows for an increase of a heart rate and nice sweating. I created a short video and some great info I gathered and practice which you can check in my blogpost 20min to a great body.

Just after the exercises I go straight to shower which ends with a 10sec stay under cold water and deep briefing.

Have another 250ml of water or perhaps more just after I got dressed.

My breakfast is fruit blend of three sweet fruits (usually apples, banana + 1 more), some coconut butter, few nuts, hemp powder, some porridge, and a bit of almond milk. All these are blended for about 5sec and ready to eat. I use NutriBullet blender but any other similar will do. This is my breakfast.

I drop my son to school after that and that is how the day starts.

I could be in a Toastmasters club one morning a week so trying to have my morning exercises every other day apart of the weekends as that is my polo day and I am usually out of town for hike or other experience including seeing friends or traveling, on Sunday.

My day consists of mostly meetings and working on computer. I try scheduling all my calls in the afternoon just after lunch so I can walk while talking to compensate for the long hours sitting at the computer.

My lunch consists of mostly rich vegetable salads with nuts and or humus – I am trying to get my portion of vegetables and oils.

The dinner is usually light, either fruits or another salad. Could be sushi.

I am trying not to eat after dark but I sometimes do eat some fruits.

Depending on the workload and what assignments I set for the day, I might work dill 4am but trying to go to sleep no later than 12 so I am fresh for the morning exercises.

So water, exercises, education, networking are the things I care about and try to devote time to.

You can check my page on Personal Development for more detailed content on the rules I am trying to follow and content I am listening to which I took from my ears of studying successful people so you can take some for yourself and start becoming better. Take little steps at a time!

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See You Soon!

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