Piloting above Moldova with Sergiu Cretu

Piloting above Moldova with Sergiu Cretu

While visiting Moldova in July 2017, I joined a successful businessman, philanthropist and pilot Sergiu Cretu who to fly a lucky couple who hired the plane through Sergiu’s company Moldova La Inaltime, to a southern Moldovian vineyard Et Cetera

It has been some amazing time and the relatively recent vineyard looked great

The plane was met by the family and friends of the couple and we were met by the Et Cetera owner and finder.

The visit surely couldn’t go without the local delicious food prepared within the yard restaurant.

On the way back we cruised above town where I lived as a kid and the lake I used to splash in throughout the summer.

As we passed my home place, we deviated from the route with a permission from the authorities to visit Sergiu birthplace too looking at the house he lived in as a kid.

I share a video which I made for the purple to remember below:


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