Rather funny story happened to me the other day

Rather funny story happened to me the other day

Here is a rather funny Story that happened to me the other day. Just thought I’d put it down for you :

Since I tried the Apple AirPods of my friend, I felt in love with them and bought myself a pair. Since I am a heavy podcast and audio book listener I am using them extensively.
The other day I went down the victoria line tube, and as I was walking with my multi tasking type personality I dropped one the AirPods while i tried to take it out of the box.
So it famously dropped down and right on the side of the rail.

My first thought was to jump down and take it but I heard the train.

I thought “maybe I’ll check with a conductor, there should be one on the platform now, and tell him to take it off for me or he can confirm that I can take it while he makes sure there is no train coming”.

So as the train passed I made my way along the platform looking for the conductor.
He was further down the platform so I approached him and told him I dropped my earphone on the rail track so he came along to investigate.

As we were walking down the platform towards the location where I dropped it, another train arrived. I thought “this is quite often”.

We waited for the train to pass so we can see where exactly I dropped the pod and there it was.

The conductor looked at it and spoke with someone on his radio.

Meanwhile I was looking at the pod and envisaging how would I pick it up should he not been here.

As he finished talking on the radio he proceeded with his explanation: “It is very high voltage there and very dangerous”… I thought, “no it’s not, it’s just on the side of the rail and you can pick it up with a rubbish picker or something” …. “so I will have to take your contact detail and than in the evening when….” This is when I switched off my hearing and not to hear what he says as it was clear to me that this is a long story and I will have to make another way down here wasting few hours and perhaps cancel a meeting or appointment. That if it goes as per plan, it could be that they will forget to call me or pick it up so I have to chase them. Bastards..

So before he finished his sentence and realised I disappeared into the ground for a second, I was down the rail picked up the pod and up to interrupt him with a kind “Thanks, no need”.

He left there with a slightly surprised face and said “ah ok”.

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