Six steps to improve your net worth and achieve success

Six steps to improve your net worth and achieve success

Another podcast of Rob Moore inlistened to today which I want to share with you …
Six steps to improve
1. Allow yourself to love yourself. You deserve what you got or want to achieve/posses.

Because you cannot achieve anything if you think you are not worthy 

Allow people to give you that love and praise as if you will not, no one will give the praise to you 
2. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you perceive you’ve made. Your failures are what makes you a good entrepreneur 
People will hate you fort the same reasons that you are great about 
3. Forgive other people for things you perceive they done wrong to you and others (partners, clients and so forth)- these take time in your mind and limit your growth so better to forgive. 

Thank them mentally or verbally for time spent with you and for things you learned from them. 
4. Seeing all the upside in downside or difficulties, challenges you face 
You can only gain from the experience: you either either earn or you learn from it
5. Continually working on your education and developing and learning. Learn about money and rich people biographies. Work on your network and net worth 
6. Chose wisely and strategically who are your network. 

Look who you spend your time with: your network is your net worth. 

Be hyper choosy: eliminate people that drag you down, spend time with people that will help you get where you want to get-People who can teach us who we can learn from. 
You are a average of five people you spend your most time with 
Never let anyone convince you that you cannot