Story of the MAD Woman who makes a difference for thousands of people in need

Story of the MAD Woman who makes a difference for thousands of people in need

“We didn’t have to save Moldova. We had to save Alexandru.

Often we allow our inability to change everything to undermine our ability to do something.

Yesterday I received the copy of Victoria Dunford’s Get Mad book and read it cover to cover this afternoon.

A story of the impossible made possible.

The global mission that impacted and continues to impact hundreds of thousands of people in need round the globe. Which started from one persons desire to help another person.

Victoria speaks about their battles with the bureaucracy, the disappointments, resistance, desire to give up and persistence driven by the eyes of those grateful kids helped by the cause.

It made me cry reading about the inhuman conditions of lifes of some of the children and it made me laugh reading about Johns ingenious method to turn new toys into used ones at the customs.

In a sense this story is a celebration of humanity seeing the amount of big hearted people giving their helping hand towards a good cause.

Bless you Victoria & John, keep doing the great work! I wish to witness the opening of the Phoenix II in 2018

Get inspired and motivated by reading this book. It is another example of what you would expect to experience on your road to worthwhile dream.

Get the book here

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