Surfing Weekend – Ticking off a Bucket...
October 1, 2017

This weekend we ticked off one of the bucket list items – surfing!

This is one of the of the many other Bucket List Items we are aimed to tick off throughout our journey of MIGRANT Achievers Community. To find out more please send you interest by pressing the blue button “Send me Your question” above on slide bar, with a message “MIGRANT” to find out more information.

Time frame:

Begin  – with first lesson on Saturday 2:30pm

(Setting off on Saturday 11:30am if from London)

Finish – as the Sunday lesson ends, about 2:30pm. Lunch is optional


Surfing for 2x2h lessons Saturday and Sunday including the board and wetsuit hire - £60

Petrol to and fro                                                                  - £15
Accomodation (Airbnb for two)                                                      - £70

Evening vegan restaurant meal (each)                                               - £14

Morning vegan cafe after Yoga meal (each)                                          - £7

Bikram Yoga session (1.5h; towel and mat hire £1 each )                            - £11

Thai vegan meal before setting off (optional)                                      - £12


Mainly we had vegan conscious food. Dinner at Amala the only vegan restaurant, breakfast after Bikram Yoga at Sukha Lounge where you get in right through the Yoga room.  The early morning wake up meal instructions below 🙂

It has been a great weekend with an amazing program opening up the whole season of weekends:


2:30pm – Surfing

6pm – Vegan restaurant meal

9pm – Sleep


7am – vegetable juice breakfast


Vegetable Juice Vadim Turcanu
9am – Bikram Yoga

10am – vegan breakfast
12noon – Surfing

Sunday Surf Vadim Turcanu

Cold shower – seemingly crazy in the sort of the cold  weather on the day:

3pm – vegan lunch and than home

Vadim Turcanu tired sleeping

Join up if interested to join. for detail, contact on the website ( with message “Weekend Surf”

Speak soon


To get involved, please send you interest by pressing the blue button “Send me Your question” above on slide bar with the word “Surf”.

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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu