Table Manners

Table Manners

Butler’s Tips for Impeccable Table Manners

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1. Let your food cool of its own accord – don’t blow on it.

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2. Don’t spit unwanted food into your napkin – remove it with your fork and place it on the side of your plate.

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3. Never talk with your mouth full.

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4. Don’t hold your knife poised as if ready to sign a cheque, and don’t point with any of your cutlery.

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5. A napkin is there to protect your clothes; use it to dab the corners of your mouth but never to polish your teeth.

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6. Never cut bread or bread rolls. Break the bread with your fingers and butter a small piece at a time. Breakfast toast is the only exception.

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7. Be careful not to insult your host by adding salt before you have tasted your food.

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8. When you’ve finished eating, place your knife and fork or spoon and fork together, vertically. Leave your plate where it is – never push it away from you.

9. Don’t get drunk; you’ll look absurd.