The Shorthand of "No One's Business" book
August 23, 2017

Living in a remote rural village in Moldova, driven out by the desire to escape from the parents alcohol problem into a sport oriented orphanage school at the age of 12yo. 

Motivated to succeed and not return back home, he quickly went through the sport ranks to become the national champion after only three years and got to the European Championship to bring the best cadets result of countries team, which was his personal success and victory that will open new doors and opportunities for his sport career in the home country. 

Soon after, struggling for money and food he realised that there are no prospect. That whatever he envisaged has proven not to work in practice. So he decided to migrate.

He decided to move to UK. 

The road will not be straight forward, nor it has a clear direction or instruction, because he could not get neither a visa, nor he had the money for it. There were no money even for a ticket… 

After six months of hardship, escaping detention camps, sleeping rough and jumping from the moving train, with a fake passport he finally entered onto the new land. The land of possibilities. 

Despite the success of the achieving the destination, opportunities were far to be seen… 

A number of factory jobs, construction work and an imprisonment, he found himself in prison for the second time. Now with his pregnant fiancé outside with nothing but the baby in her belly, relying on friends help.

In prison library he stumbled across his first meaningful book which was NLP for beginners. It was the first book that teaches how to do something, as opposed to literature books he remembered from the school years. He never read a book since he started practicing sport – there was just no time for that as his full concentration was on achieving the results in sport.

That book set him off to a journey of self development, fast book reading, various seminars, courses and networking events. 

The self development started its fruition through starting his first property management company established with his business partner. Many other business ventures since then, Vadim is now a property business man, author and speaker who is also passionate about disruption by blockchain, philanthropist and polo player living in London as per 2017.

He describes in more detail and lessons learned in his first book “No Ones Business”

Migration as a representation of change from one place, where you are now to the place you want to be in. It is not only a geographical change, he describes migration as being also a mindset, social and financial change. Any person in process of a particular change goes through the migration as he describes. 

There is a short story of how the book was written here. While you are here, I would not miss the opportunity to offer you to red my book where I aim to motivate and inspire you to do more, through my six months migration journey to come to new land to find myself.

You can purchase a limited edition signed copy by depositing funds to charity I support which helps disabled children – here

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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu