Transcendental Meditation – a great present from the mind 

Transcendental Meditation – a great present from the mind 

Flowers and sweet fruit 

The teacher invites me to the table where the ceremonial items are placed. 

The air is filled with a calming sence aroma. The candle is lightning the silent slow paced soeach of the teacher that begin the ceremony accompanied with a smooth Eastern rhythm he easily produces in a clear, quiet voice while I’m witnessing…

Because of the combination of senses involved while watching the ceremony, the visual is occupied with a colourful flowers, candle and teachers movements, the song pleasantly vibrates in the ear while I’m holding a flower, I feel nothing else and no interferes ce form any outside noises. A feeling of being surrounded by silence from the outside world.

In one moment, the teacher looks at me and pronounce a short word. He repeats it  in a static rhythm. I am repeating it in the same rhythm while we both sat. 

He guided me through the meditation while moved my verbal repetition into a mental one for the next 20 min…

The first time I had such feeling of mental awareness. 

I came across Transcendental Meditation many times while listening to podcasts about successful and famous people from. At least 80% of them are meditating and sharing the great benefits of it