Turcan Program the updated learning

Turcan Program the updated learning

I am fed up with these boring classes teaching me stuff I will never need in my life
Can I go just to those I like and those that feel just fine to go to?


The thing is, you never know exactly what you are going to need in your life coming and you never know what school topic will turn up to be your savior in future.

The problem is that the approach and the class agenda had not been changed for centuries, regardless of the rapidly changing world, technology and jobs. The school topics had not changed at all.

Why can’t we have fun in the process of learning or at least to make it easier to comprehend and motivating?

TP is designed to do just that.
There are a number of researches made on the role of play in human lives and how it helps speed up learning processes.

TP is designed for teenage pupils to cover pre college years and five them tools in order to find yourself (your strengths and weaknesses) and make the right decisions just before the school door is opened and you are out.

The lectures are covered in a physical or syber game format. No grades are given but you can see the result on yourself.

The main topics are:

Confidence Builder:
public speaking, team work, leadership, relationship, communication techniques, confidence, speaking and voice skills, organisational and motivational skills, the roll of procrastination, dealing with outside and inside pressure, flexibility and attitude to the changing surroundings, physiology (posture mad it’s signs), etiquette

financial education and surviving the unstable “markets”, personal finance, financial plans, financing your plans and goals, tools and techniques

Information Browsing:
speed reading techniques, decision making techniques, choices and their assessment (choices are very Important as each little choice is forging our way towards or away of the desired path)

Here I will share post and teachings of great authors together with the links to their blog, sights and books where you can see an outline what is the content going to be about.

Please share your views and opinions. Ask questions or topics you would like to hear about and I will get the information on that and put it in a comprehensive structure.