UncageX April 2018. Five months in

UncageX April 2018. Five months in

Another Month, another pre 6months old UncageX event done with some amazing vibe! UncageX is five months old now!

Love the light in faces that’s coming from inside the souls of the attendees and it is even more inspiring to see the revisiting members that shine twice as bright! Been told by a friend who attended that we have some beautiful and soul’ly people coming and I know exactly why. 

The community and the values we share in common makes this event bounding and creates a feeling of family! 

Unlike other events which are either motivational or tactical, I believe UncageX gives a lot of value in building, clarifying and mapping the road to achieving the desired goal. Meanwhile motivating and sharing some of the principles that stay forever precious like Marcus Aurelius and Socrates books. 

Through a set of personal exploration exercises designed for the members, attendees get a chance to understand their flows, strengths and weaknesses so they can make use of them on the road to their success. These also are a breakthrough into bounding and strengthening personal and professional relationship for years to come. 

I believe that the experience, lessons and the community you get to join, this event is one that was needed in the world and I am blessed to acknowledge that I was given the opportunity and wisdom to deliver this to the humanity! 

And that is not all! There is a crazily efficient bonus! 

On top of the event itself, there is a cherry on the cake – it’s a fascinating meeting platform meant to keep attendees motivated and maintain their growth and development. At the same time keeping the community growing altogether while giving an opportunity to learn and support each other. 

It is called UncageX Business 

Uncage Business was created to maintain the growth, action and motivation of all UncageX attendees. It also keeps the community close and in support of each other. 

It is aimed to improve professional performance of the attendees through improving presentations, value propositions, networking towards helping each other deal with professional issues and support in achieving professional goals.

It is a biweekly morning (7am- 8:30am) meeting at a particular appointed location in a particular city with a chapter leader. 

There are two meetings each months where each has own target result and specific elements to learn. Both follow a specific, strict format that allows to maintain a continuity and deliver best results possible wherever the geographical location of the chapter is. 

1st one is UPresent aims to improve presentation and pitch where each attendee is given an opportunity to present his business service or product and receive specific constructive feedback on clarity and value proposition. This as an effect helps stand out with a great speech and teaches to apply the right audience or client with the right message or offer. 

The second is USolve which allows the community to assist each other in professional issues and goals. Each member shares his next milestone and issues he is dealing with after which others give them feedback on how they can assist them in one area or another, either help sorting the issue or achieving the milestone. This helps overcome struggles with ease because of a common input and help by other members of the community. Also it allows members to assist each other in achieving the goals. We have seen large unexpected opportunities being created from members sharing their goal and receiving attractive offers or opportunities from fellow members. 

The key to the success of already effective format of these meetings, is the fact that all participants are members of the UncageX which went through the transformational event and know/hold the values and principles of the community. This helps bypass the trusting element because the after event, the bound between the attendees becomes almost family like. 

Practice and test meetings proved the invaluable benefit of the UncageX Business which led to introducing it in the community program. 

Follow group in own city of residence to attend next meeting.

Some videos from April UncageX

Clapping Exercise: 


Find photos from the event below 

This time at the event Pinzaru Alexandru asked for few min of stage time where he shared the journey through UncageX and how it helped him overcome his addictions and step on his desired goal plan. This was most inspiring and motivational to listen to, for me and for all of the audience!









At the same time we gave the monthly appreciation to one of the members who made visible progress and undertaken great transformation. This months it was Alexei Prepelita, one of the first members of UncageX and the first one who approached me for mentorship. His personal and professional transformation in such a short period of time is inspiring. 









As per a number of members asking about the music used at the event, here are the Spotify playlists: 

UncageX Exercises (used during he exercises):

UncageX Inspiring (used during the circle of power):

UncageX Dance (used during the dancing sessions):

And here is one that you might like to listen UncageX Motivational Collection (used at the welcoming time and during the break times):

UncageX Testimonials link:

And here are some of the photos from the April UncageX Event!…