UncageX – what and why of Uncage Experience

UncageX – what and why of Uncage Experience

UncageX representing Uncage Experience is a monthly event that will ‘uncage’ your personality and improve your results.

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Simply designed to create possibly the most important day of your future life through its experience.

We are often guided by our old thinking pattern, values, limitations that have been useful or true some time ago. As those helped us go through certain, and often stressful situations building up as far as while we were still in our mothers’ womb (there are many articles on the subject from pediatric studies which can be found online but here is a source with a short explanation).

As we evolve and grow we tend to keep those patterns and never think about changing them because …. well, why would you change something that works. The thing is that those old patters and limitations are holding us from becoming who we really grew to be, from successful relationships and professional results.

It is hard to understand what exactly is going on in our head (why actually we fail to achieve certain aims, or why we have certain experience, stresses and anxieties, etc) without going deeper into the scientific evidence.

Uncage Experience is aimed to create an experience which aims to make you feel and see limited beliefs of your own.

There is a short story that partially explains the caged mind in a clear metaphor:

“A tourist asked a zookeeper how they are managing to tie a giant elephant with such a thin rope. At which the zookeeper answered “We tie them from when they are small and powerless against the rope so when they grow, they never try again as they are sure they cannot break it””

Similarly humans are often caged or tied with a thin rope that holds them back from achieving their potential.

Uncage Experience event is filled with practical exercises and theory content aimed to make a strong, positive impact on personality and results.

Focused to deliver tools, information and examples that help one achieve personal and professional goals. Practical eye-opening exercises towards one’s realisation of self and mind inflicted limitations that are stopping from achieving desired potential in Relationships, Health and Business.

The Event was started in December 2017 and has managed to earn growing popularity and lots of positive feedback.

Within the first three months the event was successfully conducted in Chicago University (London Campus), Tunisia (Tunis North Africa) and London. Currently planned in other countries where people are willing to go through the Uncage Experience

“I have designed the UncageX event with the personal Transformation techniques in mind. It started from a small dinner meeting I organised one day to meet with people to discuss success techniques. This grew into a 6h intensive experience after only three months and 5 events organised. Currently planning for a longer, even more intensive format to achieve better impact – first three days UncageX intensive event is planned for September 2018.

I included those Exercises and Techniques that played a transformational role in my development coming from a broke migrant stranded in Europe for a better life towards becoming an author, successful entrepreneur and advisor.” – Vadim Turcanu

Below is the event as described on the event booking page:

Vadim Turcanu is an Award Winning Author, Entrepreneur, Investor and Coach helping Entrepreneurs, Actors and Politicians achieve their goals. 

He created UncageX (Uncage Experience) Event in order to share the success techniques to a wider audience.

Why do you fail to succeed? How you can fix it?

“The two Most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain

The day you come to Uncage Experience can be on of your most important days, the day when you begin your Updated life.

We will delve into practical exercises and create some revelations about ourselves that will make you understand things about you that you never thought existed. These things being understood will jumpstart your Success

We will experience:

– How our brain prevents us from seeing new opportunities.

– How we make our lives miserable and unhappy by trying to control the uncontrollable.

– Take little step into unknown and fearful territory of getting vulnerable that will help us take first step towards our significant goal, significant decision or significant conversation. Take the first steps and experience the vulnerability in order to help us.

– Explore the main recipe for successful growth and success.

Is this for me?

– If you are hungry to get better – definitely YES

What will I need for the event?

– Pen and Paper.

– Be on time. If you are late for more than 15min, this format will not allow you to get the benefits.

– An open mind, ready to learn.

Bonus to visitors:

– Opportunity for mentorship to reach your goal quicker.

– Free entry into Uncage Private FB Group.

– A free book from TIM Series.

Journey to become a super human

See you soon !!!

Vadim Turcanu

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