Useful sites I use for crypto currency handling

Useful sites I use for crypto currency handling

As of august 2017 the following sites are reputable and safe to use. I do use them myself. Please check reputability or ask here if too far from this date. Although currently there are great development in the safety and usability of this space, which is exciting.

To purchase Bitcoins – Localbitcoin

Wallet – there are two for ease and safety:

Hard wallet good and safe wallet to hold is TrezorSoft online wallet to hold some of the base coin as BTC or ETH in order to quickly send or invest is Coinbase

Trading and Exchange platformsvary depending on your circumstances and requirements:





Check balanceYou can check balance of any wallet (BTC or ETH) by typing its address in the search of the following sites. Hence some choose to have wallets with multiple addresses option so one can be used to send stuff over and one for holding your coins on so you don’t reveal more information than you would like:

For Etherium here

For Bitcoin here

To study about this space, listen to podcasts, read blogs, discussions and forums or if you don’t have time for that, get to know someone who does and listen to them. There are also Meetups (meetup is a site with global reach where you can find venues on any topic in most of the countries in the world) and various events on the subject which you can visit, meet and discuss to people

There are many more interesting usabilities and tools that are being developed as you read )

I described the steps I made to invest for the first time here

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