What are you talking about? & Making a new Year better!

What are you talking about? & Making a new Year better!

Vadim Turcanu blog new yearI went yesterday to a movie… actually it was two days ago. No, It think it was even three days ago! Yes, three days ago… “Shut the f#%k up!” George Carlin would interrupt, as per his amazing standup scene “people are boring”.

Celeste Headlee in her TED talk 10 ways to have a better conversation says “details are not important. The story is.”

So, back to the story..  we went to the movie we were invited to by it’s producer. The movie appeared to be rather dull and uninteresting to watch. Some movies are entertaining if you don’t know the language spoken or even if the sound is off- like Q Tarantino movies. So with due respect to the producer, we left.

“Why make a movie like that?” I asked myself.

Les Brown says in his podcast at The School of Greatness: never tell a story without a point and never make a point without a story.

The day prior to that movie I watched an interview with Samuel L Jacksons on Django Unchained of Quentin Tarantino. He mentioned, and I am paraphrasing “… when I go to the cinema I want to be entertained. And if the movie is otherwise, I get very upset for the lost time. Why make a boring movie? Why watch a movie bout historical facts where I can better read a book or watch a documentary about it. Why make the freaking movie and waist everyones time?!”

Back to the point…

Dale Carnegie in his historical book How to “Win Friends and Influence People” mentions filtering your words through three filters before saying anything to anyone:

  1. is it true?
  2. is it kind?
  3. is it useful?

And if what you want to say passes through all of these filters, you got to say it! Otherwise, shut the f%#k up!

Let’s make this year one with meaning, kindness and purpose. Let’s have better conversations!

To finalise this post, I would like to share with you the Lewis Howes top 7 takeaways of 2017 which I highly enjoyed and resonated with:

  1. Think bigger and take bigger risks.
  2. Build an all start team as you cannot do all alone.
  3. Strategise, organise and systematise your business, life and mindset. Constantly. Every months do a check in with strategy to see where you are and where are you going, if you are on the right path.
  4. Innovate with new products and approaches to the way you can do business and in life.
  5. Invest in your business and bet on you: have coaches and mentors, reinvest in your business, in your teams, events, seminars, etc
  6. Health, health, health. When you optimise your health, you set up to win in your business, life and relationships. You are more confident, you appreciate things more and you have more energy.
  7. Do things that matter and that bring you joy. Maybe if you don’t do things you love right now, you can always optimise those things and gamify it and then get back to the place to say “how can I take some bigger risks to start doing things on the side that bring me more joy and fulfilment”, and start do things that matter on the side.

Have an awesome 2018!

See You Soon!

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