Why I hate praying. Message for my son

Why I hate praying. Message for my son

I decided to write this for you because it is something I believe in. I trust it will help you do whatever you want and be whoever you want – just like magic.

Don’t mind the headline, I actually love any form of meditation, be it praying, breathing, drawing, yoga, etc

These are forms of a person coming in alignment with himself, kind of little restarts. Pretty much like you would restart a gadget.

I realised something revolutionary, when I first visited my parents after 11 years of absence…

My parents have been very religious for a long time now after converting to an evangelic religion. And as you remember, they have a routine of praying before and after every meal and also every morning and night.

Since I heard the prayer for the first time in long years, I noticed that something wasn’t right, while I was listeneing.

As I couldn’t figure it out right away, but I began paying attention to it. Noticing the structure and words been said and after shortly I got it.

I noticed that the words and the structure of the prayer is something I could not be ok with.

From a point of view of someone who spent the past ten years and a vast majority of personal income on self development through every channel possible: speed reading, pubic speaking, piano playing, dancing, singing, improvisation, acting, marketing, psychology, business strategy, design, yoga, meditation, judo, painting, traveling, networking, listening, teaching, coaching, writing, film directing, editing, story telling, and so on and so forth.. I spent resources on all these courses to expand my vision, learn new skills, get my brain to work differently and grow as a personality towards creating better opportunities. What I was hearing did not align with any of it.

All those thoughts and curiosity prompted me to pay attention to the patterns of the praying and comparing it with other churches, other religions, other countries to see similarities and differences.

There are similarities between people according to how they pray not what religion they take part in.

Perhaps you have never listened to what exactly someone is saying when he is praying. You can do it from now. Just to observe and see it for yourself.

I will try to give an example below of what I was witnessing and will explain my observations:

Thanks for what You done for us

Forgive us for our sins

Have mercy on us

Be with us and hold our hand

Make us behave in fear of you and under your laws

Keep us healthy

Help us achieve …


In case you think there is nothing wrong about it… neither I did until I looked closely and see the undermining message behind the structure and words.

I’ll translate the above prayer into how my brain perceives it:

Thanks for what You done for us INTO My life is someones hands and decisions are made for me

My problem with this is that my life was always in my hands. And if I treated someone good, he treated me good too. And if I wanted some results, I found a way to achieve them. No one did anything for me until I at least asked.

Forgive us for our sins INTO I’m doing mistakes for which I’m sorry for and will try not to make them again.

There is no breakthrough done until someone was ready to do a mistake. The whole thing about growing and learning is about being ok with making mistakes and the more you do them, the more you learn.

Have mercy on us AS I am unimportant and should obey orders from authority

No one can tell you who you are but you. No one can have authority above you until you give him that authority yourself. Keep your core belief intact.

Be with us and show us the way AS I shouldn’t rely on myself

You will always know the way if you follow your heart and belief. Walk that way

Make us obey your commandments AS we should stay within the boundaries

You are free and you can choose to be whatever you want and do whatever you decide is right

Keep us healthy AS we may rely on someone for our health

You are the one responsible for your health so if you will neglect it, you will loose it and no one will give it back to you. If you keep it well looked after, you will have it forever.

Help us and our children AS we should wait for help

We should learn to help ourselves and than we can help someone else. Do not expect help to happen until you do something about it.

This prayer makes you easy to manipulate. As you see, the whole thing should be completely opposite. That what was bothering me when I was hearing it.

Because I learned to meditate and pray in a way that is empowering me, gives me energy, desire and motivation to keep going ahead. To remind me of the important things I have to keep in mind on daily basis so it will help me any time I need to make a difficult decision.

Remember the three things of the day we are grateful for that we are coming up with before going to sleep? This is the next level of power.

So here is the prayer that makes you stronger:

Here is The Winner Pattern:

⁃ I’m grateful for what I have: and you list those things you are grateful for (i.e. health, family, problems, etc…everything that makes you who you are).

⁃ Give me power and health to keep going, wisdom to make right decisions and learn from wrong ones, courage to be who I am, persistence and consistency to keep on my chosen path, boldness in creating my goals and dreams, humour to get closer to people, love to warm people, …(and other values that you want a daily reminder of)

⁃ Sending the good energy and love to my family, my country, and all leaving creatures of the earth, to give them strength, wisdom and health to go throughout their journey.

I cannot emphasise enough how powerful this is. Using it shapes your biochemistry as a whole: how you behave, how you look, your decisions, which in turn makes your future.

Please remember this.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;

watch your words, they become actions;

watch your actions, they become habits;

watch your habits, they become character;

watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Frank Outlaw

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