WOW!! My book is finally here!

WOW!! My book is finally here!

Hi and thanks for you following my blog

I finally finished the book I started six years ago about my six month quest to UK (unlike the usual 2.5hours on plane).

NO ONE’S BUSINESS shares a true story of a an economically strained person who migrated in pursuit of change, set on a six months long, enduring expedition to reach a land of opportunities in pursuit of a better life.
Starting from no money, no passport, no language or connections, from the poorest country in Europe, through multiple countries, asylums and prisons, towards managing a multimillion business operation in London.

“It doesn’t matter where you are now, all it matters is where you want to be”.

To thank you for being my reader, I want to provide you with a free copy – please add the word BOOK to your name when ordering the book to receive a free copy. Just follow the link

Here Is the Link to the Book

Thank You!!

No One’s Business