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May 3, 2016

Got to listen to one of the Rob Moore podcasts today and kind of liked the 6 steps described: 

1. Discover your values – do that every 6 months 

Make a list of your values – what it is most important to you: family, money, career, and so on.

2. Honour your values so that you master your neech and check in every year that your personal values and your business values are aligned and you are still doing what is important to you…

3. Check the market place – every year.

Market can get mature and could be difficult next year to ge the same business. It can also change or be gone completely… is there still growth? Do I need to change or go to a new market?

4. Always focus on caring, serving and solving problems for other people.

This is the clue that you are on the right path

5. Be unique, be relevant, be memorable be a little bit different without only for the sake of being different 

6. Keep evolving, keep disrupting, keep in proving but do not chop and change all the time

Schedule this steps in your calendar and check up on them. It is minimal task that gives you a maximum benefit 

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This post was written by Vadim Turcanu