What YouTube channels YOU are watching? Best YouTube channels I am binging on.

What YouTube channels YOU are watching? Best YouTube channels I am binging on.

Want to share a list of the YouTube channels that I am watching and find amazing. I have binge watched most or all of the videos from every channel, mostly at 2x speed to consume more in a shorter time. I have no interest to promote any of the channels below but would love you to check out some great video content out there which I personally researched or taken recommendations from smart people, instead of blindly bronzing through the internet in search for something great to watch.
It is hard to classify as educational or entertainment so I just drop the list of my most loved YouTube channels because it’s all an Edutainment.

My most loved channel is

Vadim Turcanu Blog VSauce Youtube ChannelVsauce – entertaining and very informative – science, why and how things work. They Brunched out in few more worth watching themes also.





Vadim Turcanu Blog Tim Ferris Youtube Channel Youtube ChannelTim Ferriss is one of my favourite authors and entrepreneurs out there for all who want to put themselves to the next level:




Vadim Turcanu Blog CaseyNeistat Youtube ChannelCasey Neistat– one of the best vloggers out there with an open personality and amazing touch to content with great music. His most amazing videos I loved are the bicycle video and how he blowed all money Nike gave him to create an ad campaign on a round the world trip with friends which resulted in the best Nike ad campaign ever.



Vadim Turcanu Blog AsapSCIENCE Youtube ChannelAsapSCIENCE is an amazing channel where you can get some short visual and very comprehensive explanations about seemingly complicated things.





Vadim Turcanu Blog AwakenWithJP Youtube ChannelAwekenWithJP is a channel of a guy who is a phenomenon who creates videos about social issues and questions in a funny way. And the fact that he got his popularity almost overnight tells just what the youtube consumer likes:




Vadim Turcanu Blog TED Youtube ChannelTED, I guess this one is self explanatory – filled with best ideas and talks on YouTube.






Vadim Turcanu Blog Ted-Ed Youtube ChannelTED-Ed is a product of TED where you can find amazing ideas put in a short, visual and entertaining form:






Vadim Turcanu Blog CrashCourse Youtube ChannelCrashCourse is a channel with short, visual and entertaining videos explaining social and science questions:






Vadim Turcanu Blog 5-Minute Crafts Youtube Channel5MinutesCrafts is a channel where you can find videos on crafting various things to do yourself or with kids. Nice one






Vadim Turcanu Blog Ameer Rosic Youtube ChannelAmeerRosic is a guy who shares and educates about crypto and Blockchain Space:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Apbiolghs Youtube ChannelApbiolghs is a channel with videos explaining physical matters and effects:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Christopher Sykes Youtube ChannelChristopherSykes shares videos of the amazon scientist and physician Feynman:





Vadim Turcanu Blog CrazyRussianHacker Youtube ChannelCrazyRussianHacker shares some great video about physical and DIY science experiments that are fun and interesting to watch especially with kids from 6/7yo:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Creative Life Youtube ChannelCreativeLife explains making and fixing various Household products DIY:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Creators Youtube ChannelAt Creators you can watch very short videos about creative people and their ideas:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Dafarulia Youtube ChannelDafarulia shares some interesting, non conventional science about matter, energy and things in Russian:





Vadim Turcanu Blog AdvancedEcon Youtube ChannelAdvanceEcon shares some interesting explanatory videos about economical problems and equations for those who want to understand complex things:




Vadim Turcanu Blog AllTime10s Youtube ChannelAlltime10 is self explanatory too – find the first 10 of most of the things. Entertaining and educational:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Animalist Youtube ChannelAt Animalist you can find some crazy experiments done in various circumstances – very entertaining, in a way educational and fun to watch:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Brian Dean Youtube ChannelBrianDean shares short educational videos on marketing and SEO which I found very helpful:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Big Think Youtube ChannelBigThink shares some motivational and inspiring short videos:





Vadim Turcanu BBC Earth Youtube ChannelBBCEarth has some cute videos off lots of things animal and human related. Scientifically Entertaining:





Vadim Turcanu Blog BBC Earth Unplugged Youtube ChannelBBCEarthUnplugged is almost similar to the one above but with a computational twist:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Crazy Eye Marketing Youtube ChannelFind educational marketing videos on CrazyEyeMarketing:






Vadim Turcanu Blog CGP Grey Youtube ChannelCGPGrey its a channel that creates some short explanatory videos about all things social, history and science:





Vadim Turcanu Blog DreamWorks TV Youtube ChannelDreamWorksTV shares some short how to and why is it entertaining videos for kids:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Engineer guy Youtube ChannelEngineerGuy shares some cool stories and explanations of various things physics and science:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Grand Illusion Youtube ChannelAt GrandIllusions you can find some cool illusions explained and demonstrated. Cool:





Vadim Turcanu Blog HomeHandyHints Youtube ChannelHomeHandyHints shares some cool products, tips and methods for household use:





https://www.youtube.com/user/HouseholdHacker Youtube ChannelHouseholdHacker shares some cool household hacks:







Vadim Turcanu Blog Influenceatwork Youtube ChannelInfluenceAtWork is self explanatory, things persuasion and psychology. Good to have a perspective:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Its OK To Be Smart Youtube ChannelIt’sOkToBeSmart has some great animated science explanatory videos – love them:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Jason Welker Youtube ChannelJason Welker has some great explanatory videos on marketing, economics and business:





Vadim Turcanu Blog KipKay Youtube ChannelKipKay shares some cool all things gadgets:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Khan Academy Youtube ChannelKhan Academy is one of the largest educational channel with videos on economics, maths and science for kids and adults – just amazing:




Vadim Turcanu Blog Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Youtube ChannelKurzgesagt-In a Nutshell shares some amazing animated short explanatory videos of science and more – just awesome:




Vadim Turcanu Blog Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) Youtube ChannelYou can find some cool science videos in Massachusetts Institute of technology:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Minutephysics Youtube ChannelMinutephisycs shares some great animated explanatory videos on physics:





Vadim Turcanu Blog MisMag822 Youtube ChannelMissMag822 shares some cool how to card trick videos- good to know for boys especially;)






Vadim Turcanu Blog NumberPhile Youtube ChannelNumberphile shares some cool tricks and science about numbers:





PeriodicVideos shares some great videos explaining the periodic elements:

Vadim Turcanu Blog Periodic Videos Youtube ChannelProjectLifeMastery shares some interesting marketing, authorship and entrepreneurship content worth watching and testing:




Vadim Turcanu Blog PsychedSubstance Youtube ChannelPsychedSubstance shares some technicalities and insights into all things drugs, mostly psychedelics if you are interested:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Quirkology Youtube ChannelQuirckology shares some cool tricks – great for boys especially;)






Vadim Turcanu Blog RamitSethi Youtube ChannelAmazing RamitSethi shares some great tips for all things entrepreneurship- great resource:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Refusing to Settle Youtube ChannelRefusingToSettle shares some great video content on inspiration, success, and more:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Roman Milovanov Youtube ChannelRomanMilomanov has a great list of videos on health and diet in Russian:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Ronaldjenkees Youtube ChannelLove the energy and electric music of Ronald Jenkees:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Scam School Youtube ChannelScamSchool has some cool tricks:






Vadim Turcanu Blog SciShow Youtube ChannelIn SciShow you can find some cool intellectual stuff:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Sick Science Youtube ChannelSickScience shares some great short videos on all things science tricks:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Simpletivity Youtube ChannelAt Simpletivity you can find some cool tricks on productivity and efficiency:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Sixty Symbols Youtube ChannelSixtySymbols – cool videos on science:







Vadim Turcanu Blog SmarterEveryDay Youtube ChannelSmarterEveryday has great videos that will make you little smarter in all subjects:







Vadim Turcanu blog Valuetainment Youtube channel for entrepreneurs
Vadim Turcanu blog Valuetainment Youtube channel for entrepreneurs

Valuetainment is an amazing channel with lots of resources and advise for Entrepreneurs by Patric Bet David who is an inspiring and very successful entrepreneur.





Vadim Turcanu blog team fearless youtube channel

TeamFearless shares some cool motivational and inspirational videos – some of the best in the world:





Vadim Turcanu blog tech zone youtube channelTechZone shares some cool things about tech:





Vadim Turcanu blog the gadget show youtube channelTheGadgetShow – cool things all gadgets:






Vadim Turcanu blog tony robbins youtube channelLove Tony Robbins:





Vadim Turcanu blog your first house youtube channelYour First Four Houses shares some tips on property investing:





Vadim Turcanu blog zapier youtube channelZapier is my tool for automation – find how to videos:





Vadim Turcanu blog zefrank youtube channelZefrank1 shares some cool “the true facts” videos:






Vadim Turcanu blog business secretly youtube channel Бизнес секреты shares cool things and interviews about business in Russian:





Vadim Turcanu blog ivan urgent youtube channelВечерний Ургант is a Russian showman with a great sense of humour:





Vadim Turcanu Blog Трансформатор Youtube ChannelТрансформатор it’s a great resource for business education and interviews in Russian:






Vadim Turcanu Blog вДудь Youtube ChannelВДудь is an amazing russian young interviewer who decodes success and performance of interesting people- in Russian:






Vadim Turcanu Blog Versusbattleru Youtube ChannelVersus is a great socially started project which transformed into a monster of great talent with Russian rap and good intellectual content:




Vadim Turcanu Blog The Late Late Show With James Corden Youtube ChannelThe Late Show With James Cordin has an amazing entertaining content full of fabulous interviews discussion style with famous people. My son just loves it.





Vadim Turcanu Blog Орел и Решка Youtube ChannelОрёл и Решка is a cute travel project with a couple travels round the world with a twist: one has an unlimited card to spend and the other has almost no money – how will they survive few days in the new town. In Russian:





Vadim Turcanu Blog The Graham Norton Show Youtube ChannelThe Graham Norton Show is an amazing and entertaining show with most amazing guests- best of the Best of A class celebrities.





Vadim Turcanu Blog IDAN KIRSHNER Youtube ChannelIdan Kirshner has an entertaining channel about practical Yoga poses you can do anywhere and he puts it in an funny way.






Vadim Turcanu Blog Horrible Histories in Full HD Youtube ChannelHorrible Histories In Full HD is a funny and entertaining BBC show. It has historic stories with a touch of Comedy.






Find in my other posts the podcasts I love and more great stuff that will put you to the next level of a performer

Do share some of your loved channels!

See You Soon!

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